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[pdf] TS-Summer Holidays from 20-04-2017 C&DSE RC.843 Dt.19-4-2017.pdf
[pdf] CCLs to Naitonal Population Work done in 2015 RC9824 Dt4-4-17.pdf
[pdf] Need of zonal system in Telangana.pdf
[pdf] TS-Gurukula posts recruitment fresh notification.pdf
[pdf] Rules relating to admission of students into D.El.Ed and DIETs GO.10 Dt.12-4-17.PDF
[pdf] Academic Activities to be conducted in April 2017 RC. 615 Dt.4-4-17.pdf
[pdf] Second saturday is working day during Half Day Schools RC.843 Dt.7-4-17.pdf
[pdf] SBI Revised Service Charges wef 01-04-2017.pdf
[pdf] CC cameras footage of SSC Exams to be submitted to DEO.pdf
[pdf] DEd Exams 1st year Time Table.pdf
[pdf] Prof Jayashankar BADI BAATA 2017-18.pdf
[pdf] Activities to be taken by HM during the Admission Schedule Rc 846 Dt 14-3-17.pdf
[pdf] Admission Schedule in Govt schools for Acdemic year 2017-18 Rc 846 Dt 14-3-17.pdf
[pdf] Half Day Schools form 15-03-2017 Rc No_843 Dt 13-3-2017.pdf
[pdf] Extension of “Other Duty” facility to Principal Office Bearers up to 31stDec2017 GO.534 Dt.23-2-17.PDF
[pdf] Rescheduling of Summative Assessment Examinations SA-II March-2017.pdf
[pdf] INSPIRE MANAK awards online nominations upto 28-02-2017 Dt 20-2-2017.pdf
[pdf] NPS-Shifting of model of Interface from Quasi Decentralized to Quasi Centralized GO.34 Dt.17-2-17.PDF
[pdf] Constitution of state level committee for awarding National Awards-2016 GO.22 Dt.17-2-17.PDF
[pdf] Vidyavolunteers honorarium of Rs.29,68,28,000 released GO.21 Dt.15-2-17.PDF
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