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[pdf] 1 Day Trg Prog-Gender Sensitivity Rc.470 Dt.17-6-16.pdf
[pdf] 1 hr early permsn to Govt muslim religion emplys 2leave ofices during Ramzan Memo.330 Dt.25-5-17.pdf
[pdf] 1day mtng fr reflectn of Model Schl Tchrs & Principls on 3rd&4th Feb 2017 RC.307 Dt.24-1-17.pdf
[pdf] 1st JAN,2015 is a Public Holidy&14-2-14(2nd Satdy)is a Workng Day GO.1390 Dt.19-12-14.pdf
[pdf] 1stJan 2016 is a Gen Holiday GO.3456 Dt.31-12-15.PDF
[pdf] 3 Days trng fr CRPs at Divisional Level& Finanacial Norms Rc.90 Dt.26-3-15.pdf
[pdf] 3days Primary Tchrs Training from 20th Oct-2014 RC.5 Dt.4-10-14.pdf
[pdf] 3Membr DPC constitd 2empanel eligible candts to fill up AD posts,SE GO.71 Dt.9-4-15.pdf
[pdf] 3rd Feb,2016 is treated as OD fr Tchrs drafted for GHMC election Memo.929 Dt.30-1-16.pdf
[pdf] 4.59 Cr released for 459 MRCs for repair @1 Lakh Rs per MRC in the state RC.251 Dt.26-5-17.pdf
[pdf] 5 member St Level committee fr State Awards to Tchrs fr 2014 GO.40 Dt.5-8-14.PDF
[pdf] 10th PRC-Admissibility of Other Loans&Advances in RPS-2015 GO.39 Dt.15-4-15.pdf
[pdf] 10th PRC-Edn Fee Reimbursement enhanced to Rs.2500 GO.27 Dt.24-9-15.pdf
[pdf] 10th PRC-Implementation of AAS(6-12-18-24) GO.38 Dt.15-4-15.pdf
[pdf] 10th PRC-LTC facility 2all Govt Emplys once in entire service GO.76 Dt.13-5-15.pdf
[pdf] 10th PRC Report Volume-I.pdf
[pdf] 12 Aspects to be implemented by all HMs in Schools as per SPD instructions.pdf
[pdf] 17 pages Agenda Items for discussion on Edn System on proposed policy formulations.pdf
[pdf] 19th Intrntnl Childrn’s Film Festivl is declrd as Govt Functn GO.2674 Dt.1-10-15.PDF
[pdf] 26th Dec,2014 is a Public Holiday on the occasion of Boxing Day GO.1432 Dt.23-12-14.pdf
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