pdf Identifictn of very low strngth schls&d nearst schl where d stdnts can b shiftd Ltr no.5746 Dt.27-7-17  
pdf Certain info asked by d Govt 2furnish complt details on Summer MDM ELs to HMs&Tchrs Memo.8131  
pdf Payment of RPS,2015 Arrears 2d Rtd,deceasd&Aided emplys governed by NPS Memo.647 Dt.25-7-17  
pdf State Best Teacher Awards 2017-Guidelines-Application form-Selection procedure RC.290 Dt.24-7-17  
pdf Remuneration of Examination Staff TSTET -2017  
jpg Inspire Awrds prgrm wl b telecastd frm 2pm-3pm on 26July2017 thru MANATv ch-I RC.440 Dt.22-7-17  
pdf Guidelines issued for TS Employees Incentive Scheme-Committee constituted GO.164 Dt.21-7-17  
pdf Birthday Celebrations of Dasharathi Krishnamnacharya on 22-07-17 at schools RC.843 Dt.20-7-17  
pdf Reducng d load of schl bags-GO.22 communictd to RJDs&DEOs fr follow of action RC.843 Dt.21-7-17  
pdf General guidelines to reduce the load of School bags GO.22 Dt.18-7-17  
pdf LEP-60 days Action Plan Module to Achieve Min Levels of Learning in Tel,Eng&Maths  
pdf Implementation of LEP-3R-60days prgrm-LEP3R Time Table in UP& High Schools  
pdf LEP-3R subjects allotment to teachers in PS& UP schools-Implementation Guidelines  
pdf Programmes to be conducted in the schools after HMs training  
pdf RPs trng-school complex dates RC.471 Dt.14-7-17